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You may never have thought that all those Valentines’ Cards, special love notes, emails, texts, and birthday cards would either be useful or haunt you. Who would think that not getting married would become such a nightmare? Not getting married is now the norm in this modern world. Having a partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or who you called your partner in life, now has become an issue in a Court Law! Did you just pack up your belongings and attempt to just start over? Did you ask they/her/him to just move out? Then, all of a sudden, you are faced with the legal action of Palimony and you are shocked, dismayed, shattered, and in total disbelief! Your whole world is now turned upside down! How can this be possible when you did not marry your partner?

Cohabitating without marriage is very common in our contemporary age. However, the ending of this relationship and a person’s legal rights to Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, and Property rights, among others, are not commonly known.

The first Palimony case was Marvin vs Marvin whereas: Michelle Triola spent several years living with actor Lee Marvin. After their breakup, she legally adopted the surname “Marvin” despite never having been married to him and claimed he had promised to support her for the rest of her life. In the end, the California Supreme Court ruled that Michelle Triola had not proven the existence of a contract between herself and Lee Marvin that gave her an interest in his property. Thus, the common law rule applied to the situation without alteration, and she took away from the relationship and the household what she brought to it.

The Court went on to explain that while the state abolished Common Law Marriage in 1896, California Law, however, does, in fact, recognize non-martial relationship contracts or agreements between people. These contracts may be express or implied, oral or written, but they must be provable in any case. Eventually, the California Court of Appeal ruled that since Michelle Triola and Lee Marvin never had such a contract, she was not entitled to any money.
In addition, even though you may not be married; or you may not be on the “deed” to real property, there may be a ‘community’ interest in real property if, in fact, it can be proven that there was an ‘agreement’ or ‘promise’ that the home was both of yours.

The Courts decide matters of Palimony case by case and time is of the essence.

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We file in all California Counties and Cities. In addition, BJ Fadem represents Clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries with regard to Hague Matters.




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It's not just about the basics! While essentials like food, clothing, and shelter are covered, did you know it can also contribute to education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, and even savings for your child's future? 💡

That means your child's education expenses, including tuition fees, school supplies, and even tutoring services, can be supported by child support. Additionally, medical expenses such as doctor's visits, prescriptions, and health insurance premiums can be covered.

But it doesn't stop there! Child support can also extend to extracurricular activities like sports, music lessons, or summer camps, providing your child with enriching experiences beyond the classroom.

At BJ Fadem, we understand the importance of ensuring your child's needs are met and their future is secure. Let's work together to navigate child support with clarity and purpose.

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It's a common misconception that a long period of separation automatically leads to divorce. In California, however, that's not the case. While separation can be a factor in divorce proceedings, it doesn't trigger an automatic divorce decree.

Divorce in California requires a formal legal process, regardless of the length of separation. This involves filing a petition, serving the other party, and going through the court system to obtain a final judgment.

If you're contemplating divorce after a long separation, our experienced legal team is here to provide guidance and support every step of the way. We'll ensure your rights are protected and advocate for the best possible outcome for your situation.

Contact us today to learn more about divorce proceedings and how we can assist you.

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"Can it be done?" Many of our clients have heard "No" from multiple attorneys. At BJ FADEM Law, we thrive on finding creative solutions where others see roadblocks. Let's explore what's possible together! 
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Child abduction is a parent or guardian's worst nightmare. It involves the wrongful removal or retention of a child, often in violation of custody rights. In California, this is taken very seriously, with laws in place to swiftly address and resolve such cases.

At BJ Fadem, Your Family is Our Focus. We understand the gravity of child abduction cases and the immense stress they bring to families. With our expertise in family law and zealous advocacy, we're here to fight for your legal rights and ensure the best interests of your children are protected.

Our extensive experience, current knowledge of the law, and unwavering perseverance make us the ally you need during such challenging times. Trust us to navigate the legal complexities and bring your child safely home.

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🌍✨ May 15th commemorates a significant occasion established by the United Nations: International Day of Families. It's a moment dedicated to honoring the bedrock of society—the family unit, in all its diverse forms.

Families serve as the cornerstone of a child's development, providing the nurturing environment essential for their success. Each year, the UN shines a light on various themes, tackling global challenges ranging from education to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

On this International Day of Families, let's prioritize fortifying our own familial bonds. Seize the opportunity to express gratitude to those closest to you. Let's revel in the connections that bind us together, transcending differences and embracing love and support.

Together, let's infuse every day with the spirit of celebration, cherishing the invaluable role families play in shaping our lives. 💖

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This Mother's Day, let's also remember the importance of maternal mental health within the context of family law, with sensitivity and inclusivity.

Did you know that maternal mental health challenges can profoundly influence family dynamics and legal proceedings? From custody arrangements to parental rights, it's essential to recognize and address the mental well-being of mothers for the sake of fostering healthy family relationships.

Throughout history, we've witnessed the impact of maternal mental health on legal discourse, underscoring the need for understanding and support. As we navigate this journey, let's strive for compassion and progress.

In May, as we observe Maternal Mental Health Month, let's not only raise awareness but also advocate for legal frameworks that prioritize the mental wellness of mothers and families, free from stigma or discrimination. By fostering empathy and understanding, we can create a legal environment that promotes equity and justice for all. 🤍

So this May, let's celebrate mothers by affirming their strength and recognizing the vital role of family law in safeguarding their well-being and rights. Together, let's work towards a future where every family feels supported and empowered.

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