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You may be considering a Legal Separation. Legal Separation, Divorce and Palimony all have their own requirements, procedures, factors and processes within Family Law. Your decision to end your marriage may be a very difficult one emotionally and financially.

You may or may not have to relocate your residence; if there are minor child[ren] involved, you’ll have to consider issues regarding Custody & Visitation and Child Support, Domestic Violence, Paternity; the misfortunate legal issue of Child Abduction or Removal of Child, or it may be a very simple uncomplicated issue that can be resolved during Mediation. Our Attorneys and Staff are your advocates for your legal rights. Whether it is from the beginning of your case to the end, or we step into your case, we will handle all your Family Law legal rights to completion.

Legal Separation doesn’t require residency [i.e. 6 months in California and 3 months in a County] and it can be converted to a Dissolution once residency is established. You also do not have to wait 6 months to file within the statutorily period from the time the other party is served/files a Response before Judgment of Legal Separation being entered. It also does not terminate your Marital Status, Social Security or possibly Health Insurance. Legal Separation can be a simple process or a complicated one depending on many factors. It may be preferred for a myriad of reasons. Find out if it is preferable in your case.

A Legal Separation is similar, to going through Divorce proceedings. You do file the same Petition as for Dissolution in Family Court. Only you check the box for ‘Legal Separation’ instead of ‘Dissolution’.

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We file in all California Counties and Cities. In addition, BJ Fadem represents Clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries with regard to Hague Matters.




Professional and Skilled. Great Law Office! Mr. BJ Fadem is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney with great experience. Thank you!

Mr Fadem is extremely knowledgeable of the laws. Felt he was very in tuned to my needs and fought those. Would definitely would use again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


I have worked with Mr. Fadem on many occasions and he is as intelligent, professional, and dedicated as they come. His knowledge of family law is outstanding and I refer him to anyone who needs a specialized and highly skilled family law attorney.


The reason I return time and time again is knowledgeable employees and the respect I am treated with. I also think that the noncondensending matter in which I was treated was a prime factor.



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