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In this day and age, did you ever believe that you would be thinking of Child Support to maintain the stability of your family? Trusting the right Attorney to bring that stability to your family is extraordinarily daunting. Who do you entrust with being your legal voice? How can you figure out who will represent your best interests and needs of your family?

Our Attorneys and Staff have over 3 decades of experience in Child Support. California is centered on the idea that both parents are required to financially support their family. With this in mind California has developed Child Support Guidelines to determine what is fair and appropriate based upon a range of factors.

This process, depending on many factors can be a simple process or a complicated process. It can also involve issues such as how much time each parent has primary responsibility for their family. The length time of the Child Support however, it’s the Parents’ duty to support their children until they are 18 years old or graduate from high school if they are 19 or not yet graduated. However, to the extent they are able, both parents have a duty to support their of any children of any age who is incapacitated from earning a living and does not have sufficient means to live on their own.

Our Attorneys and Staff review every detail to ensure that all necessary information is accounted for and represented appropriately to obtain the best results for your Child Support issue. Our expansive knowledge of Family Law and over 3 decades of experience is vital when it comes to high-income families or hidden income becomes an issue.

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We file in all California Counties and Cities. In addition, BJ Fadem represents Clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries with regard to Hague Matters.




Professional and Skilled. Great Law Office! Mr. BJ Fadem is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney with great experience. Thank you!

Mr Fadem is extremely knowledgeable of the laws. Felt he was very in tuned to my needs and fought those. Would definitely would use again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


I have worked with Mr. Fadem on many occasions and he is as intelligent, professional, and dedicated as they come. His knowledge of family law is outstanding and I refer him to anyone who needs a specialized and highly skilled family law attorney.


The reason I return time and time again is knowledgeable employees and the respect I am treated with. I also think that the noncondensending matter in which I was treated was a prime factor.



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