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B J Fadem & Associates, APC is a Certified Family Law Specialist

A typical U.S. marriage, on average ends in Divorce within just 7 years. Women are more likely to file for Divorce than men. The Divorce rate for heterosexual couples is double than that of same-sex couples. Divorce rates have doubled over the past decades among couples ages 50 plus. As you can see Divorce can affect any type of couple. In California alone, the Divorce rate currently is 40%-49% per 1000 people. The question to ask is, what brings couples to the point of Divorce? According to the “Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts” the answer is:
-Basic Incompatibility
-Money Issues

Divorce, no matter the issue or cause, it consumes your life, as did your marriage; yet now, instead of feeling a connection, you feel a disconnection, betrayal, lonely and life feels fragile. So now you are faced with a daunting and sudden life changing experience. B J Fadem & Associates, APC is here to help you through this emotional turmoil as your legal counsel, voice, advisors, representatives and guide you through your struggle. With experienced Attorneys since 1991 in Family Law we are here for you. It just takes a call.

Whether you have a simple Legal Separation with no children or assets involved, or you have already been served with a ‘Summons and Petition for Dissolution’ that requires an immediate ‘Response’ or you wish to have a ‘Petition of Dissolution’ filed on your behalf; time is a factor. During your Initial Consultation with your Attorney, you will be advised as to actions that may need immediately taken if your case is an emergency.

Regarding Domestic Violence here are some links for immediate help:

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We file in all California Counties and Cities. In addition, B J Fadem represents Clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries with regard to Hague Matters.


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