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San Jose Divorce lawyerThe Law is about communicating and interpretation. Attorney B J Fadem with 28 years experience in Family Law has been doing just that on behalf of 1000’s of clients.

When it comes to the Legal issue of Paternity there are several frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay Child Support if I don’t think it’s my child?
No. You can demand a DNA test.

Can I have Visitation and / or Custody even if I never married the mother of my child?
Yes. However, you would have to establish Paternity and file a Motion with the Court for Custody & Visitation.

The father is not employed and has no money to pay any Child Support.  Why should I even bother proving he is the father?
If you don’t prove he is the father, your child(ren) will not be able to get any Child Support or any financial assistance they are entitled to after he gets a job.  Establishing he is the father as soon as possible makes it easier to collect Child Support in the future.

What if the father lives in another State, can Paternity be established?
Yes.  A genetic test can be requested from any Court from any State.  Or the father can volunteer and sign a ‘Declaration of Paternity’ declaring he is the father of the child(ren).

Determining the Paternity of a child today has become both simpler and increasingly complex: with the advent of DNA testing making proof easier, while sperm bank donors and Second Parent Adoptions, making it more complicated.

Legal or non-legal factors may include:

Can your Law Firm file our Legal documents and/or represent me in any County?

Yes. We can file in all California Counties and cities, including but not limited to: Alameda County, Alpine County, Amador County, Butte County, Calaveras County, Colusa County, Contra Costa County, Del Norte County, El Dorado County, Fresno County, Glenn County, Humbolt County, Inyo County, King County, Lake County, Lassen County, Madera County, Marin County, Mariposa County, Mendocino County, Merced County, Modoc County, Mono County, Monterey County, Napa County, Nevada County, Placer County, Plumas County, Sacramento County, San Benito County, San Francisco County, San Joaquin County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, Shasta County, Sierra County, Siskiyou County, Solano County, Sonoma County, Stanislaus County, Sutter County, Tehama County, Trinity County, Tulare County, Tuolumne County, Yolo County, and Yuba County. In addition, B J Fadem has represented hundreds of clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries [with regard to Hague matters].

Our Attorneys are skilled at helping clients with Paternity Legal issues and making the process as civil and polite as possible. This will save you both time and money. However, if the Opposing Side does not hold these ideals in high regard, we will be prepared to litigate at trial as zealously as necessary.

When you consult with our Family Law Firm, you will be getting:

  • Legal advice and counsel based on 30 years of experience
  • A Certified Family Law Specialist by the State of California
  • Access to any outside resources needed such as psychologists, mediators, analysts, forensic CPA, private investigators
  • An Attorney who is committed to community service
  • FAQs prior to your Initial Consultation.
  • A welcoming, child friendly office filled with toys
  • Attorneys who are well respected by many Judges in many counties and within the legal community.

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