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B J Fadem & Associates, APC is a Certified Family Law Specialist

Our main location for B J Fadem & Associates, APC is located in downtown San Jose, California, Santa Clara County. However, our Law Firm represents clients throughout California. Attorney B J Fadem also represents clients throughout the United States and Internationally with regard to the Hague Convention. One of the very few qualified to handle these types of cases.
Communication is vital for us to best meet your needs and best interests around your legal rights and concerns. As we represent you and fight, argue and stand up for your legal rights, we will also keep you informed at every step of the process.

When you hire B J Fadem & Associates APC we will not bury in legal linguistics. Our Attorneys and Staff will take the time to explain everything. Time is a precious commodity when it comes to legal issues. And during that time, life-changing events may happen due to personal or your legal situation. B J Fadem and Staff will always take the path of integrity, service, support, understanding, commitment, and compassion for you every step of the way.

The truth of legal issues is that the Court Room, Opposing Counsel and even the Opposing Party can be very intimidating. Unfortunately, this environment can be a place where personal and individual nightmares get played out.

That is why you need a Law Firm with decades of experience, understands how difficult this can be, focuses on supporting you, Attorneys and Staff who are up to date on current laws, a firm that is respected by the Courts for their ethics and within the Legal Community.

Whether it’s simply creating a legal document, during Mediation or in a Court Room our Attorneys first goal is to see if all parties involved are willing to settle without a huge battle. This saves you money and avoids an ugly fight.
However, if the Opposing Side does not hold the same ideals we will be prepared to litigate at trial as zealously as necessary to fight and protect your legal rights.

When you hire B J Fadem & Associates, APC, you will be getting the benefit of:
– An Attorney who is Certified Specialist in Family Law in California, practicing since 1985
– Access to all needed resources such pertaining to your case such as analysts, forensics CPA, investigators
Attorneys who volunteer time within the community and within the legal community
– A Family Law Firm that is Family Friendly with caring employees
Attorneys who are well-respected for their ethics by the Courts in many counties and within the Legal Community

At your Initial Consultation your Attorney will ask: “How Can I Help You?”
Then your Attorney will spend the rest of the time listening, looking over your documents, and asking detailed, leading questions. Before you leave, even if you don’t retain our Law Firm, you will have some valuable legal advice. You will walk away with a feeling of what it would be like to have our Law Firm as your Legal Counsel representing your legal rights in just 1 hour.

Our satisfied clients have expressed their appreciation for how we handled their legal issues and supported them. Here’s a few of the things they shared:
1. Our commitment to keeping our clients informed and providing powerful legal support; gives them a great feeling of calmness. Compared to how they felt before they hired us; scared confused, overwhelmed, lost and not knowing what to expect.
2. That they had spoken to other Law Firms, and that other Attorneys spoke too much legal language that they walked away confused. That our Law Firm expressed their issues and their legal rights in a language they can understand.
3. And finally, they appreciate the sense of security, care and valuable legal advice they received throughout their case.
This Law Firm is committed to our clients needs. Legal issues can be very complicated depending on the issue.
We are committed and prepared for that.

Your issue may be time sensitive, please contact our Law Firm to set-up your Initial Consultation.

Please read the FAQs’ prior to your Initial Consultation.

We file in all California Counties and Cities. In addition, B J Fadem represents Clients throughout California, the United States and foreign countries with regard to Hague Matters.


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