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Bankruptcy as a Solution
Bankruptcy can be a viable solution for many people who are facing overwhelming debt. Several chapters of the status exist, and each chapter pertains to a consumer or business according to its financial makeup. A reliable specialist can help a curious person to decide whether he or she would qualify for such a filing status. An approved bankruptcy status could alleviate financial obligations for some people who are currently having a difficult time.

What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal status that says that a person or business is unable to pay debt. A judge approves the status when the applicant or his or her attorney proves that he or she is eligible. To qualify for bankruptcy, the applicant must have an income that is less than the amount of money that he or she owes to various creditors. Additionally, the applicant must earn less than the state median. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are for individuals rather than businesses. Chapter 7 is a chapter that can free the debtor from all obligations. Chapter 13 is a chapter that requires the debtor and his or her attorney to devise a repayment arrangement. People who do not qualify for Chapter 7 usually qualify for Chapter 13 because their income is too high.

Where to Go for Bankruptcy Help

The Law Firm of BJ Fadem and Associates can help an individual debtor or a business to apply for bankruptcy. An interested party can call the main number to arrange a meeting with one of the caring attorneys at such a firm. The firm may specialize in a wide variety of topics aside from bankruptcy. A caring representative can assist with matters such as divorce, custody, separations, annulments, visitations and the like. Additionally, the firm can help a person who would like to establish paternity.

The first step in filing for bankruptcy is seeing a professional to ensure that the applicant is qualified for the status. Knowing beforehand is best because of the fees associated with filing for the status.


Client Testimonials
  • BJ Fadem was my lawyer in a child custody case. He was incredible. He knew my fears and took the time to ease everyone of them. BJ was helpful with everything. He is about fair and what is best. I would not have made it through the process without him. BJ is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and straight forward. I would recommend him for anyone that is in need of a Family Law lawyer. Hated going through it, but he made it incredibly painless!Posted by Scot
  • I hired BJ Fadem and Associates to enforced my divorce settlement. BJ Fadem and Associates read through the entire divorce settlement and wrote a letter to my ex-husband pointing out what was not being enforced. BJ is very kind and makes you feel comfortable talking about the situation. BJ and his staff followed through on getting the tasks done and my ex husband complied with his responsiblities. The best possible outcome I could have expected and I couldn't have reached that result without BJ Fadem and his team!Anonymous
  • I have had several opportunities to consult with this law firm over the past few years. I have always received timely and courteous responses to my inquiries. The reason I return time and time again is knowledgeable employees and the respect I am treated with. I also think that the noncondensending matter in which I was treated was a prime factor. It was hard enough to go through what I did, I appreciated not being talked down to by some old stuffy lawyer. Though I have only consulted with Fadem Law, I have referred a few family members who were totally happy with the outcome of their cases.Posted by Claude
  • Mr Fadem is extremely knowledgeable of the laws. Felt he was very in tuned to my needs and fought those. Would definitely would use again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDPosted by Sharon
  • I endorse Mr FADEM Loved The Way He Went To Bat For Me Very Skilled!!! Mostly He Listened When I Thought I Had No Hope!!! Thanks For CaringPosted by Darrell Fears
  • I had a previous attorney who so screwed up my divorce that I almost lost my home, custody and my business!!! When I did my initial consultation with Mr. Fadem, him and and his staff immediately started working on my case to get things saved! The professionalism, customer service and legal knowledge this firm has is incredible!! I can't say enough!! My case is still going on. However, I am so grateful for all they have done and are doing on my behalf!Posted by anonymous
  • I have worked with Mr. Fadem on many occasions and he is as intelligent, professional, and dedicated as they come. His knowledge of family law is outstanding and I refer him to anyone who needs a specialized and highly skilled family law attorney.Posted by Emily
  • As a father with an extremely challenging custody situation, I went through several attorneys before retaining BJ Fadem. Without a doubt BJ has helped my case and my family reach favorable results more quickly and effectively than the collective effort of my first three attorneys combined. Based on years of favorable results and such a positive experience there is no way I would use any other law firm for custody or family law matters. BJ Fadem is absolutely one of the finest custody attorneys in the bay area.Posted by Gary
  • Professional and Skilled. Great Law Office! Mr. BJ Fadem is a knowledgeable and skilled attorney with great experience. Thank you!Larry
    California Jan 27, 2014